As people up and down the country become more passionate about knowing where their food comes from and the journey it has made from farm to plate, the great news is Field & Flower deliver all over the UK.

Founded just eight years ago on a Somerset farm by two Jameses (with the help of one Hereford cow), Field & Flower continue to source all their meat from small-scale farmers committed to high ethical standards for meat production and have diversified to offer pork, lamb, poultry, wild game, veal, mutton, fish & cheese alongside the original beef.

Farmers like Rob Mercer of Packington Farm in rural Staffordshire:

“Rob is a fantastic farmer, we work with him because he farms to the absolute highest animal-welfare practices, is recognised by RSPCA Freedom Foods as the best you can get, and his free-range pork tastes exceptional.”

Grapefruit is showcasing Field & Flower’s award-winning service along with several other clients, including Abel & Cole and Mindful Chef this weekend at Pub in the Park in Marlow. It’s another great opportunity to check us out; if you’re nearby come along. If not, get in touch and we’ll let you know when we’re next in your local area.

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