Totem Tea teas are crafted to respond to how you’re feeling, so whether you’ve woken up fresh and fruity or are in need of soothing ‘sleepy owl’ or ‘happy tummy’ tea, there is a delicious cuppa to match your mood.

Bespoke blends can also be requested and combined by hand – as with all Totem Tea products. And because whole leaves are used, each pouch lasts three brews not the standard one of a regular tea bag.

Totem Tea source all their leaves from the Ethical Tea Partnership, so tea lovers can relax and enjoy their cuppa knowing that ETP standards ensure tea growers and the environment are well looked after too. 

The campaign kicked off last weekend at the Surrey Food Fair at Totem Tea’s local wine estate, Denbies of Dorking. Customers were treated to a taste of unique blends, including Exotic Peacock, Sacred Elephant and Sweet Gazelle.

All Totem Tea’s products can be ordered online and delivered direct to your door. Check out their extensive range at

Changing the tea drinking habits of the nation one cup at a time. Brew anyone?

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