So he gathered a team of passionate & creative dog owners to join him on his mission of changing the world of dog food, one hand-cooked meal at a time.

Different Dog source fresh produce grown for us humans that doesn’t meet supermarket shelf beauty awards. Then they cook it up into tasty natural dog food portions that are delivered frozen but can last in the fridge for up to five days.

Recipes vary each week and are prepared in their kitchen, like you would at home, rather than mass produced in a factory.  Recipes are made with 60% British meat, freshest veg, fruit and herbs (and no nasties!) and contain all the natural goodness of a raw food diet, without the worry of handling raw meat and the inconvenience of a 24-hour shelf life.

All from food destined for the bin because it’s too wonky or discoloured to be sold as food for humans.  That’s definitely a ‘waste not, want not’ story we at Grapefruit want to celebrate. It’s good news for all of us, as well as our dogs.

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