Always keen to work with innovation, Grapefruit is delighted to be partnering with Bodega Bay which was the first Hard Seltzer to break into the UK market.  It’s a perfect product match for the Turf Games, the ultimate team based fitness competition – mirroring the camaraderie of sport but in a fitness environment.

Like the Turf Games, at Grapefruit we put team work at the centre.  Our team of staff will be working hard together to provide a dynamic, professional and attractive offer to people at the Games.

And what a perfect product to be offering: just like water, Bodega Bay will quench participants’ thirst after a day of competing.  But it comes with a twist – at 4% ABV this water is alcoholic. So exhausted participants will get a welcome caffeine-free and sugar-free boost to complement their post-exercise high.

Bodega Bay is made with sparkling spring water, Brew Clear filtered alcohol and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.  At just 72 calories a can, it’s an ideal way for health enthusiasts to let out their inner hedonist, without having to count the cost.

Now that sounds like a nice way to restore energy after a hard day’s training or competing!

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