The Watney’s team are delighted to be engineering the revival of this brand, which has enjoyed a long and fascinating history but fallen on hard times. Brewed in London since 1837, it was once the UK’s biggest selling beer.  Now they’re back on home turf for the weekend, with BrewLDN being held in the Old Truman Brewery, one of Watney’s former homes.

Whilst Watney’s takes its beer very seriously it does so with a sense of humour.  They create premium beers for laughter lovers, so Grapefruit staff are sure to enjoy themselves pulling pints of Sarcasm Citrus Pale Ale, Irony Craft Lager and Slapstick Double IPA for professional and hobby beer aficionados alike.

The humour itself is a part of the history of the brand, with the historic Watneys Red Barrel being on the bar in Fawlty Towers, featured in famous Monty Python sketches, and in the TV series ‘On The Buses’.

Grapefruit is delighted to add its years of experience into the mix to support the promotion of this fun-loving legendary craft beer.  And it’s always good when staff can have a laugh on the job too!

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