We pride ourselves on our staffs’ levels of enthusiasm, confidence and people skills.

Indeed, having worked in promotions for over 15 years we have an extensive database of versatile staff who can work in different contexts, locations and environments. There are literally hundreds of promotional staff of all types on our books who excel at representing and promoting our clients’ businesses. They do this through full coaching and familiarising themselves fully with each brand, responding to each client’s particular needs.

Just as no two brands are the same, no two promotional campaigns are the same.

You may have a promotional strategy which just needs tweaks and implementation, or you may be starting from scratch and completely overhauling your approach. Grapefruit’s longstanding expertise in this field makes us the ideal ‘go to’ company to work in partnership with to deliver a promotional solution from which you can expect results.

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Grapefruit have worked with an extremely wide range of clients who have and continue to test our ability to deliver them exceptional services

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